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All our review orders are completed within 7 days unless author requests to spread it out more than 7 days. We can handle any amount of orders. We have more than 1,000 reviewers.

WAIT! before making a payment on this page, make sure you have completed STEPs ONE & Two on the Home page. This page is only to be used if your book is more than $4 on Amazon. In that case, Multiply the difference by the number of book reviews you purchased and click the 'BUY NOW button to pay.

Very Affordable

Only $30 for 1 book review.

Included in the $30 is the cost of the  book purchase if your book is not more than $4. If your book is more than $4, simply click on Step 3 to pay the difference.

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We purchase your book on Amazon, read and post positive 5 star reviews

Verified Purchase Reviews